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Message from the CEO

Foreword by:
Ahmad Issa
Chief Executive Officer
ISSA Holding

2015 is the year
where we will be
"dedicated to excellence".

Thank You

First, let me thank you for landing on our website. This website is designed to give you all the information you need about ISSA holding and its subsidiaries.

We are proud of our people, clients and suppliers.

ISSA Holding is a Beirut-based organization established in 2008, which owns and manages more than 25 subsidiaries offering all types of IT, low-current, and electro-mechanical products and services. ISSA Holding supplies the international market in general and the Middle East in particular through multinational companies in Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq, Oman, Jordan, and Algeria. Our appetite for growth is still strong and we are willing to expand further.

Every staff member of ISSA Holding has been chosen for their expertise in delivering the latest in the industry. Our people are dedicated to excellence and therefore, they value our customers and their business and thus strive to provide the highest levels of customer satisfaction services and products.

Our customers are the purpose of our business. We strive to deliver on our promise and we do our utmost effort to make our customers, happy.

Our Suppliers are our strategic partners. When our business grows and flourish their businesses will grow too. We value our relationship with our supplier for mutual benefits.

Today, we are stronger than ever.

Today, ISSA Holding is a much stronger company. As a result of our actions in 2014 and the efforts of our employees, we are now better positioned to achieve our vision to become the leaders in providing ICT integrated total solutions. We are now better positioned to address our 5 strategic pillars for expansion and growth.

ISSA holding continues to be committed to our society by planning and developing programs to help our societies as part of our corporate social responsibility.

ISSA Holding embraces talented and committed people to help our customers making the world a better place to live.

Sincerely yours